21 November 2015
9:30 hrs to 13:30 hrs

Vishwesvaraya Seminar Hall
Civil Engineering Department
IIT Madras

Organised by
IGS Chennai Chapter
IIT Madras
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Indian Geotechnical Society, presently under the leadership of Prof. A Srirama Rao, constituted various technical committees that would develop guidelines helping the researchers and practicing geotechnical engineers to work on a consistent platform. These guidelines, different from the codes of practices, shall guide the user through the process of planning, design and development and then making it executable. Each committee has five to ten core members and the committees are responsible for developing the guideline, deliberating the contents, conduct brainstorming sessions to firm up the contents, etc.
The target date for producing a draft document is middle of 2016.

IGS:TC-04 is one of the various such technical committees and has the task of developing a guideline for Geotechnical Investigations. IGS Chennai Chapter has been asked by IGS to conduct the brainstorming session of this TC. The IGS:TC-04 is now ready with its first draft document
and will discuss the same during the brainstorming session.

The IGS Chennai Chapter is grateful to IGS for providing this opportunity and acknowledges
the efforts by TC-04 in the preparations for this important session.
The organisining committee of this brainstorming session is the present EC of IGS Chennai Chapter.
The session is planned as exclusively interactive. The core members will briefly present various features of the document, while specially invited experts in and around the chapter would offer their comments. The brainstorming session is open to all IGS members without a registration fee. It is however suggested to restrict the gathering to roughly 100 so that the deliberations are adequately interactive.
IGS Chennai Chapter welcomes all.

IGS:TC 04 Core Members

Prof. V.S. Raju, Former Director, IIT Delhi, rajuvs_b@yahoo.com

Mr. Anirudhan I.V., Geotechnical Solutions, Chennai, anirudhen@gmail.com

Dr. Dasaka Sathyanarayana Murthy, IIT Bombay, dasaka@civil.iitb.ac.in
Mr. Hitesh H Desai, Unique Engineering Testing & Advisory Services, Surat, hitesh1953@gmail.com
Dr. K Muthukkumaran, NIT Trichy, drkmknitt@gmail.com
Prof. R.G. Robinson, IIT Madras,robinson@iitm.ac.in
Mr. Sanjay Gupta, Cengrs Geotechnica Pvt. Ltd., Sanjay@cengrs.com
Dr. T. Thyagaraj, IIT Madras, ttraj@iitm.ac.in


The complex nature of sub-soil formations makes it difficult to assume uniformity or similarity in the sub-stratum even between two nearby locations. The shear strength and compressibility vary significantly in vertical as well as in the horizontal directions. The information on shear strength, compressibility and their variations are critical for designing a foundation or any structure below ground surface. There are also other important parameters such as the dynamic properties of soil that can define the capability of soil to sustain dynamic and seismic loads, capability for drainage, suitability for the reuse of the soil for other purposes, etc. Sometime, the ground is poor for supporting a structure and there are ways and means for improving the soil to suit the purpose. Deep excavations are often needed for developing extra space below the ground, especially for infrastructure development, and these excavations are to be made stable by selecting a suitable retention system. Design of these improvement procedure and retention systems also requires for adequate understanding of the characteristics of different soil layers to varying depths.

These important geotechnical parameters can be obtained only through a quality geotechnical investigation using standard equipments frequently calibrated and maintained. It is also important to plan these investigations to suit the requirement that would largely depend on the type of construction or development
and also on the sub-soil conditions present in the site.

Inadequate knowledge of ground in which the construction is being made often leads to changes in the foundation system, excavation procedures, construction procedures, etc. resulting large cost overruns. Poor geotechnical investigations in major infrastructure and industrial projects are
resulting in project delays and cost escalation.

In view of the importance of quality geotechnical investigation for successful completion of any project and the poor standard of present day geotechnical investigations, the IGS: TC-04 for Geotechnical Investigation has paramount importance. The prime object of this TC is to produce a guideline manual on planning, execution and quality reporting of the geotechnical investigation.


IGS members can attend the brainstorming session. The composition of delegates is suggested
as 40 invited experts, 40 registered delegates and students. There is no registration fee.
However, we shall receive a registration request by email to Mr. Anirudhan at
anirudhen@gmail.com providing the Name of delegate, affiliation, contact address, telephone
number and the email address. Mark a copy to igschennaichapter@gmail.com also. The
registration will close on 15 November 2015. Spot registration is not encouraged.


Venue: Vishwesvaraya Seminar Hall, Civil Engineering Department, IIT Madras
Time: 9:30 hrs to 13:30 hrs on 21 November 2015
Introduction by Mr. I.V. Anirudhan, Convener, TC-04
Opening remarks: Prof. V.S. Raju, Chair TC-04
Presentations by the core members
Expert comments
Open forum
Concluding remarks
Core committee meeting: 14:30 hrs to 16:30 hrs


Prof. A. Srirama Rao, President, IGS, Advisor
Shri Jai Bhagwan, Honorary Secretary, IGS, Advisor
Prof. A. Boominathan, IIT Madras, Chairman
Prof. M. Muttharam, Anna University, Secretary
Er. I.V. Anirudhan, Past Chairman
Dr. V. Balakumar, Simplex Infrastructure
Prof. K. Ilamparuthi, Anna University
Dr. G. Janardanan, NITTTR
Er. Muthuramalingam, Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board
Dr. C.V. Prasad, Geomaraine Consultants
Prof. K. Premalatha, Anna University
Prof. S.V. Ramaswamy, Anna University (Rtd)
Prof. P.T. Ravichandran, SRM University
R.G. Robinson, IIT Madras
Prof. V.K. Stalin, Anna University
Dr. D. Thirunakkarasu, Highways (Rtd)

Division of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University, Chennai 600025