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Paper Title and Author


Characterization of sensitive soft clays for design purposes
Vikas Thakur


Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction of Offshore Wind Turbines
Subhomoy Bhattacharya and G.Nikitas


Multiple Driven Fibre-reinforced Columnar Intrusion for Vertical Drains - A case study
Anil Joseph, Babu T Jose, S Chandrakaran and N Sankar



Development of Fly ash Stabilized Recycled Base Material (FRB) for Indian Highways
S. Sireesh  and Deepti Avirneni


Effect of soil-structure interaction on modal properties of a building
Vivek B  and Prishati Raychowdhury (speaker)


Impact of anisotropy in permeability of peaty soil on deep excavation

Dominic E. L. Ong


Seismic analysis of reinforced soil retaining structures
A. Murali Krishna  and A. Bhattacharjee 


Tailoring the Properties of Cement Treated Clayey Soils
Chian Siau Chen


Landslides in Nilgiris: Causal Factors and Remedial Measures
S. S. Chandrasekaran , V. Senthilkumar and V. B. Maji


New Paradigm in Geotechnical Performance Monitoring Using Remote Sensing
Thomas Oomen, El Hachemi Bouali, and Rudiger Escobar Wolf


Characterisation of vesicular basalts of Mumbai using piezoceramic bender elements
Ashis Juneja and Endait, M


Geotechnical challenges and opportunities in large infrastructure projects - learning from failures
Jay K Shukla and Soumen Sengupta


Overcoming Challenges in Design & Construction of Tunnels in Mixed and Varying Ground Conditions
Manoj Verman


Behaviour of methane hydrate bearing sand during monotonic loading: DEM simulations
J. S. Vinod, Masayuki Hyodo, BuddhimaIndraratna, and Roy Miller


Reliability based Design of Pile Foundation under Static and Dynamic Loads
Sumanta Haldar  


Modelling large deformation in geomechanics
Krishna Kumar and  Kenichi Soga


Geotechnical Engineering through Mind Maps
M Ramarao and P. Samatha Chowdary




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