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IGS TC-04 Geotechnical Investigation - General Guidance for Geotechnical Investigation

The TC 04 committe for Geotechnical Investigation submitted the document "General Guidance for Geotechnical Investigation' to IGS and later published by IGS Chennai Chapter during IGC 2016. Read the book.New

Please read the note on the proceedings of DFI of India workshop on Geotechnical Investigation held in July 2014 and offer your comments. Geotechnical_Investigation_in_India_a_Way_Forward
to download the document, right click and select save as.

The Chapter has one Google group through which the registered members and non-members (who has interest in geotechnical engineering activities) can post messages and receive chapter activity infos. if you are interesetd, please register to the group and your registration will be accepted on merit. Please send a separte mail detailing your interest.
IGS Chennai Chapter Google Group
Please send an email to
If you have registered visit this group
Indian Geotechnical Society (IGS) is affiliated to the International Socitey of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE), which promotes the advancements in geotechnics and its engineering and environmental applications, through conferences, seminars, etc. IGS Chennai Chapter is one of the prestegiouse chapters of IGS having remarkable record of conducting conferences and seminars on very relevant themes in Geotechnical Engineering. This site provides more information about the chapter. News


Indian Geotechnical Journal is now taken care of by Springer India under the Chief Editorship of Prof G.L. Sivakumarbabu. Use this link for submitting papers.
IGS BEST CHAPTER Award 2012, 2013 and 2019 for IGS Chennai Chapter - presented during IGC 2012 at IIT Delhi, IGC 2013 at Roorkee and IGC 2019 Surat
The web site does not use any server technology since the objective is to make it simple and providing enough information about the chapter activities. We may in future add couple of facilities such as posting simple messages, etc.
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This site is maintained by IGS Chennai Chapter solely for the purpose of information about the society activities. This has no commercial value. Your valuable suggestions on the maintenance of this web site are welcome and may be directed to the Secretary, IGS Chennai Chapter or to the chapter mail ID IGS Chennai Chapter